Our Future is Your Future

At Level up IRL we are always trying to improve our system to make it as seemless and rewarding as possible. So as our reach grows so will our rewards. Our goals are listed below so we can be as transparent as possible.

Earn points through feedback

As life long gamers we understand how important listening to your community is and how rarely it is actually done in the industry.
So Level Up welcomes all feedback through our contact form.

Recommend games, types of tasks, rewards or even how we can improve our system to improve the user experience. All suggestions are valued and to show our appreciation any suggestion that gets implemented by you will be rewarded with points, discounts, or even free merch.


Our Quest to Meta

Collab with Brands

In our company's growth, we work towards connecting with gaming companies to bring higher tier rewards.

Create our own app

Our goal is to develop our own app to ensure a seamless and engaging experience for you. Additionally, we aim to enhance our current reward system to provide a more personalized approach.

Offer higher tiered rewards

By expanding our membership base, we can enhance the rewards available and their value. Our aim is to also provide significant prizes to loyal participants who successfully complete quests.

Host an event

Imagine the opportunity to host an event or table top at a local convention! Create a game station for interactive play, perhaps even a competition.., complimentary giveaways.

Increase our users

Quality of experience will always be our top priority, even as we grow our community.

As free users, just joining the grind is fantastic and valued!


Global recognition of the Level up brand would be a significant achievement.

Give Earn Repeat.

We are still a business so keeping afloat is one of many quests, If we Level up to meta, we will bring you with us!

Bring EXCITEMENT back!

Even though our games have come a long way from banging on the console or blowing on cartridges just to play golden eye.., it looks like the thrill and excitement of gaming has dimmed.

Our goal is to restore purpose and enjoyment to games in any way possible. This begins with incorporating challenges into each game, paving the way for exciting new opportunities.