How it Works

Sign up

First step is to sign up to our FREE points system in order to receive and use your points. If you want to get the most out of LevelUp Rewards then become a Meta Member today!

Pick a Task

Once you’re part of the team head over to ‘Gamer Quests’ and pick a game you want to task in and check out the tasks to grind.

Tasks Reset weekly on sunday GMT time so move fast on each tasks!

Complete the Task

When taking part in the tasks please have a way of submitting evidence. Videos, screenshots or any image that shows your name/Gamertag and the evidence of the task in submission. Videos are most preferred and if including gameplay we can use the video for social media and reward you for submitting.


Submit the evidence using our ‘Task Submission’ page and give it 24hrs to hear back from us via email for our verdict on whether the evidence is sufficient. If so points will be automatically be dispensed to your account.

Repeat Submissions will not be accepted.

Claim Rewards

Using your points Claim your rewards or even save up for surprise drops through the year. Controllers, Voucher and more at your finger tips.

Receive & Keep gaming

Take delivery of your rewards and enjoy!

Game x Claim x Repeat

How to Earn points

Complete Tasks

Complete and submit Tasks to earn points based off their difficulty. Members can submit 3 tasks per week whereas Free users can only submit 1 per week.



Join the points system and earn 50 points.

also become a Meta member and you will earn another 100 points.

In widget tasks

inside the points widget there are tasks where you can earn bonus points

Purchasing items

Purchase merch and get extra points in addition to great merch.

Video Submissions

Submissions can be chosen whether or not the images/videos can be uploaded to our social media or you can join our GG's discord and submit clips at your will.

Doing so will earn you 10 points per clip with a max of 2 per week.


We consider your feedback valuable when trying to reach our Meta state. So for all feedback given, good or bad we will reward you 100points.

Points given are limited to 1 per month.